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Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Stage Money Back Plan provides financial protection to your family by offering life cover and the helps you be prepared for the life's important milestones by milestone based payouts through guaranteed money backs.

Parameter Description
Entry Age Minimum: 8 years Maximum: 55 years (Age as at last birthday)
Maximum Maturity Age 70 years
Policy Term 15 years
Premium Payment Term 11 years
Sum Assured Minimum Sum Assured under this plan is ` 1,00,000.
There is no limit on Maximum Sum Assured, subject to underwriting.
Premium Mode & Modal Factors Annual/Monthly
Monthly mode will be available only with SI/ECS option. For Monthly mode, the Annual premium needs to be multiplied with a factor of 0.09 to arrive at the monthly premium payable.
Minimum / Maximum Premium Minimum premium will depend on minimum entry age and minimum Sum Assured
Maximum premium: No Limit

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    During your life there are various needs and milestones for which you need to plan and be financially ready. These milestones could be related to your child's education or extracurricular activities, or your aspirational needs such as vacation or purchasing a new home.

    • Life Insurance Cover for 15 years.
    • Guaranteed** Money Back payouts (15% of Sum Assured) in the 4th, 8th and 12th policy years.
    • Annual and final bonus# received as lumpsum in the 15th policy year.
    • Guaranteed** Maturity Benefit equal to 55% of the Sum Assured.
    • Limited payout term of 11 years with Annual and Monthly option.

    **Conditions Apply - Money back payouts are guaranteed only if premiums are paid as and when due.
    #Final and Annual Bonuses, if any, are not guaranteed.


    Life Cover Benefits

    Sum Assured: Minimum Sum assured under this plan is ` 1,00,000.

    Death Benefits

    On death of the life assured, a death benefit equal to Death Benefit Sum Assured [Higher of Sum Assured and 10 times the annualised premium] plus added annual bonus (and any interim bonus for the part of the year in which death occurs) and final bonus (if any) subject to at least 105% of the premiums paid by the policyholder (excluding extra premiums, if any) shall be payable.

    The Death Benefit shall be payable on death of the life assured irrespective of the Monthly Back Benefit paid till date of death.

    Survival Benefits

    Money back payouts: Guaranteed Money Back payouts at the end of the 4th, 8th and 12th policy year as detailed below will be paid:

    Guaranteed Money Back (Percentage of Sum Assured)
    4th Year 8th Year 12th Year
    15% 15% 15%

    Maturity Benefit: 55% of Sum Assured

    Other Benefits

    High Sum Assured Rebate: If your Sum Assured is higher than or equal to ` 150,000, you will be eligible for a rebate in premiums.

    Tax benefits: You may enjoy tax benefits under the plan as per the prevailing Income Tax laws u/s 80C and 10 (10D), subject to amendments from time to time.


    Annual Bonuses: Your policy is entitled to get annual bonuses (expressed as a percentage of Sum Assured) based on the profits emerging from the with-profit fund managed by the company. These bonuses will be declared and added to your policy at the end of every year.

    Final Bonus: Your policy may be entitled to get the final bonus (if any), expressed as a percentage of Sum Assured.

    Please note that there is no guarantee on the amount of future bonuses and these will be declared at the sole discretion of the company. Hence, the bonuses in this plan may vary from time to time.

    Tax Benefits#

    You can avail tax benefit on the premium paid subject to current applicable provisions of Section 80 C of income Tax Act, 1961. Please note that tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time.

    #Tax Benefits under the policy will be as per the prevailing Income Tax laws and are subject to amendments from time to time. For tax related queries, contact your independent tax advisor. All premiums are exclusive of service tax and cess applicable as per the prevailing tax laws and amended from time to time.


    Mr. Arun 35 years old, Male, needs a Life Cover of ` 5,00,000. Premium Payment Term is fixed for 11 years. Policy Term is fixed for 15 years. Annual Premium is ` 50,500 (Exclusive of Service Tax)


    In the above scenario returns are projected at gross interest rates of 8% and Annual Premium is exclusive of Service Tax, which will be as per government regulations and levied additionally and borne by the Policyholder.


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