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Amazing alternative plots for your favourite shows and movies

Amazing alternative plots for your favourite shows and movies

Ever wished you could give one piece of advice to your favorite fictional character? Advice that would change how their life turned out? We definitely have!

Here's how the plots of some celebrated shows and movies would have changed if some prominent characters had thought of life insurance.

Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

Probably the most shattering climax in the history of the entertainment industry was the death of Ned Stark at the end of Season One of Game of Thrones. There have been several fan theories floating around the internet, and we have a rather interesting one ourselves! Ever wondered what the plot would have looked like if Ned Stark was insured? Imagine the amount the Starks would have received as payout - that would surely have made them the richest people in Westeros! They would have had better allies and armies, Arya wouldn't have had to resort to begging, and the rest of the Starks would probably be alive for the remaining seasons.

Barfi's Father (Barfi)

Life was hard for both Barfi and his father as Barfi's mother had passed away when he was a baby. Had Barfi's father purchased life insurance plan with spouse cover, he could've ensured a happy and comfortable childhood for Barfi. He could've enrolled Barfi in a good school for special children and wouldn't have to work as a chauffeur himself. Barfi wouldn't have to try his hand at robbery or kidnapping to raise money for his father's treatment. And the best part? He could have easily married the love of his life, Shruti.

Shamu (Mother India)

Life wouldn't have been so tough for Radha, had Shamu been wise with his financial decisions. If he had bought life insurance with permanent disability cover, he could've easily repaid his loan to the moneylender, Sukhilala, with the payout he would have received after the accident wherein his arms were crushed by a boulder. Also, he wouldn't have to sacrifice his crop for the same. Not only that, he could've supported his family financially and wouldn't have to abandon them.

Spiderman's Father (Spiderman)

Doesn't it break your heart that your favorite neighborhood superhero had to fight poverty and the bad guys simultaneously? Had his parents bought life insurance with an accidental cover, Peter would have received enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life. He wouldn't have to work as a pizza delivery boy or sell pictures of 'Spiderman' to make some extra cash, and would have ample time to spend with his beloved, Mary Jane. Of course, then he wouldn't be 'Spiderman' and wouldn't have any superhero powers but would have saved Peter some great deal of financial trouble.

We bet you never imagined characters from your favourite TV shows and movies could give you an important lesson about life insurance. Well, it's time you learn from their mistakes and made a smart move to secure your family,s future.

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