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6 Tips for Buying the Best Retirement & Pension Plans If You Are Retiring In The Next 5 Years

dateKnowledge Centre Team dateJune 14, 2021 views152 Views
Tips for Buying the Best Retirement and Pension Plan

The most difficult financial challenge anyone can face is planning for a secure retirement. Unfortunately, many working people are unprepared for this task. Since retirement and pension plans are only intended to replace a portion of wages after retirement, those less than 5 years away from retiring must devise a strategy for safely crossing the finish line. Ensure that you buy the best retirement plan as per your financial needs and current affordability.

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1. Evaluate your financial situation and needs

You can be financially unprepared for retirement and still not realize it. Looking at your current financial situation is necessary to develop a roadmap that will realistically fix any shortfalls. The roadmap or budget you create can be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. But it should be realistic and for a short amount of months.

People who haven't saved any money should evaluate their situation and decide what sacrifices they can make. Expenditure on luxury items, gym memberships you never use, membership to the club are all costs that can be avoided once you plan for retirement.

It is important to note that a person can benefit by simply taking a few crucial steps in the present, as these little steps will make a huge difference in the long run.

Every individual should begin by calculating the amount of money they have in savings accounts. Specific investment savings and corporate retirement funds and pension schemes are included. People should have taxable accounts if they want to use them only for retirement.

But even with the availability of those accounts, an individual should make sure that those accounts don't have funds set aside for unnecessary expenditures.

2. List down all the different sources of income

The majority of monthly income in retirement should come from existing retirement accounts, although it may not be the only source. Additional income can come from various sources other than investments. There are various options and sources in today's times that help a person diversify their source of revenue and income.

Suppose you're lucky enough to be compensated by a pension scheme. If a person has that scheme, they can factor in the monthly benefit from that asset. When retired, people can still add up earnings from a part-time career.

3. Make some retirement goals according to your lifestyle

This continues to be an important consideration when it comes to pension plans. A retiree who wishes to downsize to a smaller home and live a comfortable, simple lifestyle would have very different financial requirements than someone who wants to travel a lot after retirement.

Estimate daily costs after retirement, healthcare, eating out, and recreational events. You can create a monthly budget. Health and treatment costs, such as life premiums, long-term care insurance, prescription medications, and doctor's appointments, will add up quickly later in life, including them in the retirement planning.

5 Retirement Planning Concept Everyone Should Know

4. Deal with shortfalls

All of the figures you've gathered so far can help you address the most important question of all; Do your retirement savings surpass the sum you'll need to fund your retirement completely? If you answered yes, it's important to continue funding your savings plans to keep up the momentum and stay on track. If the answer is no, you'll need to work out how to bridge that gap.

Check if your retirement corpus will be enough.

With just 5 years remaining for retirement, those running late must find ways to increase their savings. To make significant improvements, you'll probably need to combine increasing your savings rate with cutting back on needless expenses.

It's important to determine how much more you need to save to close the gap and make the necessary adjustments.

5. Calculate the risk tolerance

At different ages, risk tolerance varies. Portfolio ratios can increasingly become more cautious as jobs reach retirement age to protect accrued savings.

A bear market could derail your plans to quit your job only a few years before retirement. To deliver both prudent growth and dividends, retirement portfolios should predominantly consist of high-quality, dividend-paying stocks and investment-grade bonds.

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6. Consult a financial advisor for the best pension plans

Money management is a skill that only a few people have mastered. Consulting a financial advisor or accountant might be a smart course of action.

Best Retirement and Pension Plans by Canara HSBC Life Insurance

We have experts that advise customers every step of the way. We have a wide range of retirement and pension plans that the customers can choose from as they are nearing retirement or when they start their career. The earlier you start, the better it is.

1. Guaranteed Income4Life

Customers can choose from three different choices in the Guaranteed Income4Life Plan, based on their needs. The three options are Guaranteed Income, Guaranteed Long-term Income, and Guaranteed Life-long Income.


All three options provide consumers with a fixed monthly income for up to ten years and premium security and options to cover the partner.

2. Pension4Life

You can choose from a range of annuity options for this scheme. You have the choice of obtaining an immediate or deferred annuity. This bundle has a guaranteed lifetime income that is paid into your bank account. There's also the option of collecting annual checks for the remainder of your or your wife's lives.

3. Guaranteed Savings Plan

The Guaranteed Savings Plan is not a pension plan but it can surely help you secure your family's future. It promises life insurance for the whole lifespan by offering premiums for a limited period. In the event of your death, your family would have much more protection.

Know more about Guaranteed Savings Plan.

These are some of the best retirement planning tips if you are retiring in the next 5 years. If you have no money set aside for retirement, consider this a wake-up call to get serious about improving your situation. So get to work; it's easier to tighten your belt now than to do so when you're eighty.

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