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Here's what you can learn from animals about managing finances

Here's what you can learn from animals about managing finances

Animals may not have a thriving investment portfolio or even a budget to take care of for that matter. As long as they can find something to munch on and a place to lazily nap, they are more than happy. Animals don't understand financial planning , but there are certain traits that you can pick from them and imbibe in your financial habits to create a lucrative long-term portfolio.

Here are five such examples:


They are known to be lazy pets. They nap an average of 12 to 16 hours a day similar to their wild cousins. Out in the wild, cats build up their strength before they zero in on prey, and move extremely cautiously before they make a move.

Our investments too need time to perform. Patience is a virtue that can sometimes help deliver results. Do not get swayed by every new investment opportunity; sometimes it's okay to stay still.


If there is one animal we can learn to save from it is squirrels. These cute furry little creatures are known to hoard nuts for long chilly winters. They will bury them in the ground, ferry high up in the trees and every other place they think is safe. Even if they have food in abundance, squirrels will instinctively save up before they eat.

We may not have to endure a shortage of food during winters, but we have to plan for important life events and milestones such as retirement. Before you spend, remember to budget and allocate a fair part of your monthly income towards long-term goals. And just how the squirrel doesn't save all the food in one place, remember to diversify your savings and investments.


While a single ant might seem insignificant, as a species they are the planet's mightiest hunters. No other creature is as disciplined and hard-working as an ant. The tiny social insects can carry up to 20 times its own weight and will work with great dedication to collect food and defend their colonies.

With discipline, anything is possible. Achieving your financial goals may seem like a challenging task but every step you take to work towards it helps you get stronger. What makes the process easier is having a partner or a team-just like an ant. It could be a spouse, parent, sibling or friend. You could fast track yourself to financial success if you have someone who can shoulder a part of the responsibility and can help keep the checks and balances.


The slithering reptiles are known to shed their skin about two to four times a year. It is not an easy process though. It can take weeks for a snake to completely slough off and it can be itchy and uncomfortable. However, this process of moulting allows the snake to grow further and, in some sense, clean itself.

You too must figuratively shed habits and decisions that prevent you from growing and improving. It may be your spending habits or other poor financial decisions. Be bold to make tough choices. Change can be uncomfortable but if made for the right reasons will help you achieve your goals.


Dogs have a heightened sense of smell, and they use their nose to inspect any and everything. Whether it is exploring new places, inspecting food or meeting new people, dogs will use their sensory skills to investigate everything. They let the scent guide their actions.

As humans, we need to exercise similar caution before we commit to an investment. We may not have a canine's nose, but we surely have the ability to make a rational evaluation of opportunities before we invest. Always remember to exercise thorough due diligence before you deploy your hard-earned money into any financial vehicle.

Another noteworthy trait of dogs that we can incorporate in our lives is to love selflessly. And the ultimate selfless act you do for your family is to get yourself insured. Choose a robust Life insurance plan like the iSelect Smart360 Term Plan that offers long-term coverage, protection against terminal illnesses and additional cover for accidental death or disability. This will ensure you don't go back on the promises you made to your family of safeguarding their happiness and fulfilling their dreams no matter what. So, go ahead and make one of the wisest and most selfless financial decisions of your life by buying a term plan.

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