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Life Insurance FAQs

How do I Surrender my Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies like endowment plans and moneyback plans are long term

What Happens if the Nominee Dies Before the Policyholder?

Life insurance is an investment that will take care of your financial goals, when you are alive

Can a Minor be Appointed as a Nominee?

Yes, indeed, you can appoint minors as beneficiaries or nominees in a

How will life insurances help with retirement funds?

Life insurance is mainly purchased to leave a legacy behind for the nominee of the policy. However, life insurance can be incorporated to fund retirement to make retiring a more financially secure decision. An effective way to do so is to buy

Is Life Insurance Only For Accidental Death?

The primary benefits for life insurance plans are easy to understand – your family receives a significant amount of money if your demise were to occur unexpectedly within the policy period.

Reasons for Claim Rejection

Being the only breadwinner for your family, you may understand the financial impact of your untimely demise on your family. With awareness and adequate planning, however, you can minimize the effect of financial instability on your loved ones.

The Changing Requirements at Different Life Stages

In life, you may have to deal with increasing inflation and rapidly-changing lifestyles, which may create unique financial challenges for you and your loved ones.

What Is Not Covered Under Life Insurance?

Life insurance plans provide comprehensive financial protection to you and your loved ones at affordable premiums. In case anything happens to you (i.e. policyholder), your family would receive a pre-decided Sum Assured as an insurance benefit.

Which Factors Influence Your Life Insurance Premiums?

Life insurance plans are ranked among the best financial instruments to secure your family’s future against life’s uncertainties.

How to Calculate Your Life Insurance Premium Amount

The premium payable under a life insurance policy varies according to the policy buyer’s age, selected coverage (or Sum Assured), medical history, gender, lifestyle, and annual income, among other factors.

How to Process Life Insurance Claims

The primary purpose of buying a life insurance policy is to create a financial safety net for your loved ones against life's uncertainties.

Why Life Insurance Riders are Important for Me

Buying a life insurance policy is as crucial as any other saving that you make for your loved ones or yourself.

Can I purchase life insurance under the Married Women's Property (MWP) Act?

In India, married residents can purchase life insurance coverage for their spouses under the Married Women's Property Act.

Do I have different options to pay my premium?

Life insurance, especially in the form of term insurance plans, is not only essential to guarantee long-term financial safety for your family.

At what age should I purchase a Life Insurance Policy?

You should buy Life Insurance as soon as possible, and definitely as soon as you start earning. Buy when you are young so that your family's future is secure and you get insurance at a cheaper cost. In insurance-cum-investment plans, buying early also gives a greater chance for your wealth to grow.

I have heard about doing a need analysis before buying Life Insurance. What is this?

Need analysis is about identifying what's right for you. This includes retirement, child's future education costs and insurance for your family. These needs vary for each person, so the need analysis ensures that your policy suits your needs.

When I buy Life Insurance as an investment, why is my medical history required?

Life cover is a key feature of all Life Insurance products. The insurer needs to know your medical history so that your cover is complete and claims are paid quickly in case the worst happens.

How should I decide the number of years for which to pay Life Insurance Premium?

Your payment term should depend on the financial goal for what you are saving for. For your child's education, the policy should mature when your child enters college. For a large goal like retirement, your payment term should be as long as possible, to enable you to maximize your savings to care of your non-working years.

What are the various charges in a Life Insurance Policy?

The Government has defined the various charges that could be there in a Life Insurance policy, along with a maximum limit for each. Please refers to your policy documents or plan brochures for further details.