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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have different options to pay my premium?

Life insurance, especially in the form of term insurance plans, is not only essential to guarantee long-term financial safety for your family. At the same time, term life insurance plans also serve as an efficient instrument for tax saving. The structure of life insurance plans is simple – you choose a desirable financial coverage amount and then commit to paying a pre-defined amount of money as premiums to continue availing the protection of the insurance coverage. In today’s day and age, life insurance companies offer a great deal of flexibility and ease of purchase regarding life insurance plans.

You can easily customize the insurance coverage to align with your financial needs and future goals. At the same time, you have the flexibility to choose a convenient way to pay the premiums against the insurance policy. The choice of premium payment modality varies from an individual to another and depends mainly on several factors, including affordability, access to funds, and ease of payment for the policyholder. Here is an insight into the various premium payment options available under term life insurance plans and their unique advantages –

1. Regular Premium Payment

As the name suggests, the regular premium payment mode comprises periodic payment of premiums throughout the policy tenure. Regular premium payment is the most common and preferred payment mode because you have the freedom to choose whether you wish to pay the premiums on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Simultaneously, regular premium payments are also affordable since the process of premium payments stretches over an extended period. Subsequently, choosing this mode of premium payment helps you avoids any significant, one-time financial strain on yourself.

2. Single-Premium Payment

Single premium payment is one of the less popular modalities for life insurance plans since you must make a one-time and complete payment of premiums upfront, irrespective of the life insurance policy tenure. Many policy buyers prefer the one-time premium payment modality. It helps them take care of their contributions towards the insurance plans in one go, not risk the lapse of coverage due to non-payment of premium. Single premium payments are usually higher than other payment modes. Thus, it would help if you went for this modality only when you can afford the one-time financial responsibility.

3. Limited Premium Payment

With the Limited Premium Payment mode, you can pay the premium payable for the entire policy tenure within a specific period (lesser than the policy coverage tenure). Limited premium payments usually comprise payment of premiums for 5, 10, or 15 years, depending upon the life insurance policy period. The structure of the limited premium payment modality allows you to take care of the premiums payable within a short time, while the insurance benefits continue for an extended period. Limited premium payment mode is beneficial for individuals who prefer having the responsibility of paying the premiums only for a short time, or those nearing retirement (the financial liability of paying the premiums does not extend to the post-retirement period, while the insurance coverage does.)

Overall, the choice of premium payment mode depends on your finances, convenience, and preferences. Regardless of the frequency of premium payment, you must make sure that your life insurance coverage is robust, long-term, and reliable.