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Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please share some examples of the nature of suspicious communication/phone calls?

While you need to exercise due care and caution on receipt of every form of communication/phone calls and call/write to us when in doubt, some of the spurious communication/phone calls generally would ask you to:

  • Invest money in a fund/ policy claiming to be of a Company or specifically approved by the Insurance Regulator, offering high and quick returns, protection to the investment etc.
  • Surrender your existing policy(s) and reinvest in a certain fund/policy for better returns, or statement that the Insurance Regulator has specifically recommended such funds/policies.
  • Survival benefits / Maturity / Bonus is due under your existing policy and investing a part in a new insurance policy/ paying a facilitation fee for the same is mandatory to receive the amounts which are due.
  • Some calls are styled as if it is from the Insurance Regulator alleging poor performance of the funds and products of the Company and urging policyholders to reinvest elsewhere.
  • We may also contact you in case we need your support/assistance in carrying out the investigation on such matters. Please note the Company shall never call you & ask for your sensitive personal information viz. one time passwords (OTP) etc.
  • If in doubt, please contact our resolution center at 1800-103-0003 or 1800-180-0003