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What Happens To Your Term Policy If You Don't Die?

When you buy a term policy, you must pay monthly instalment of premiums to make sure your policy stays valid. While making these payments, you may become curious as to what happens when the policy terminates. The answer to this question is that once the policy ends, the coverage will be stopped and the instalments terminated. But if you don't die and your policy terminates before your death, then the funds will be abandoned. However, there is no need to feel disheartened as there is always some life insurance that pays back if you don't die.

Return of Premium, also known as ROP, refunds your money if you do not die during the policy period. This term insurance policy has a plethora of benefits. Return of premium is not a source of income but rather a kind of refund. If your term insurance has expired and you are still living healthily, then you may need to consider buying a new term insurance policy as soon as possible to avoid the coverage gap.

It does not matter if you have had a policy before. However, if there is something suspicious about your health or documents, you may become ineligible to buy a policy, so it is better to start as early as possible.

If you are looking for term insurance to help you protect your family and give you the best coverage plan, the most suitable plan is iSelect Star Term Insurance Plan.