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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Total Disability Cover

Disabilities can result from a major accident or a life-threatening illness like cancer. Permanent disability has been defined under insurance contracts as one of the following:

  • A permanent loss of use of a sensory organ, i.e., hearing, eyesight, speech, etc.
  • Loss of two or more limbs due to severance at or above the ankles or wrists

A permanent total disability cover will guard the Life Assured or policyholder when such situation arises. Such insurance products offer an income to the Life Assured or policyholder when they can no longer work due to a disability. Some of the term insurance plans also offer accidental death and disability benefits.

For example, the following conditions can fall under permanent total disability:

  • Loss of vision in both eyes
  • Loss of ability to hear through both the ears
  • Complete and irreversible loss of speech
  • Both hands or both legs severed above the wrists or ankles
  • One hand and one leg severed at or above wrist and ankle
  • Irreversible loss of eyesight in one eye and hearing in one ear

The critical condition here is that the loss of use for a limb should be permanent and irreversible. If the loss is reversible through treatment the condition will not fall under permanent disability.