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Secure your future goals

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Secure your future goals

Secure your future goals
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How does a life insurance help you save for your goals?

Life insurance proves to be a great saving tool. It not only fulfills your need to save for your family’s bright future, but also provides protection during uncertainties. Plans by Canara HSBC enables systematic monthly investments that can help you accumulate and grow your wealth. Here are just a few of the ways in which life insurance can help you save for your life goals:

Securing your family’s future Fulfill your child’s dreams
Life insurance provides protection against loss of income from a family’s breadwinner. Just like savings, small monthly premiums build up to a high risk cover for your family. Guaranteed savings plans are ideal for building a corpus to plan for future needs of your children, like education, marriage, foreign travels etc.
Plan a peaceful retirement Fulfill your own aspirations
Life insurance can help you have a planned retirement, which ensures you have enough savings built up to lead an independent and worry-free retired life. Saving regularly can become a healthy habit with life insurance plans, which work on small monthly premiums that are returned as huge lump-sum payouts on maturity.

How can you ensure maximize your returns with a life insurance?

Besides providing a life cover, plans like Invest 4G can help you achieve your life goals with the help of unit-linked returns. All you got to do is choose the right funds. Here’s how –

How to ensure you save enough for your future goals?

Identify the future needs Start as early as you can Have adequate insurance
When saving, the first step should be to identify a rough range of finances that may be required basis your aspirations. Create a broad plan and keep space for miscellaneous expenses that may pop-up. Saving is a habit that must be inculcated as early as possible. Also, with the rising inflation and expenses, you need to start at an early stage, considering what will be the rise until your goal is achieved. While we hope everything ends well, there can be unwelcomed surprises by life. Plans with an added life insurance benefit can ensure your family receives your savings and can reap the long-term benefits of the plan.

Our best plans for Investment



Flexibility to switch funds

Option for partial withdrawals

8 Investment funds and 4 portfolio management strategies

Loyalty additions and wealth booster

Guaranteed Savings Plan


Provides life cover for the entire term while you pay premium only for a limited period.

Flexibility to choose a payment term suitable for you

Guaranteed benefits payable on maturity

Enhanced Protection for your family

Better value for higher premium commitment

Smart Goals Plan


Flexibility of Premium Paying Term

Flexibility of switching and redirection between funds

Partial withdrawals

Increase/Decrease of sum assured

Auto funds rebalancing

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