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Anuj Mathur – What should be the insurance journey of any consumer?

Vivek Law: Hello and welcome to this special series Finance Made Simple. Joining me today is Anuj Mathur who's the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Canara HSBC Life Insurance. Thank you very much. It's great talking to you. Anuj, since there are so many products in an insurance basket, term insurance, guaranteed plans, ULIPs, what according to you should be the insurance journey of a customer? I mean where do you start from, where you end, what kind of goals are there which an insurance company seeks to fulfill?

Anuj Mathur: So, it would depend on the life stage of the customer. Let's say if a customer is about 45-50 years old then obviously the needs will be very different and the person would be looking for some kind of savings option as well as retirement options. So, I think it would depend on the lifestyle and life stage as well. And if I look at relatively young customers, so somebody who's in the age bracket of 30 to 35 and that's where we see of a lot of demand coming from. People are looking at protection and also we are seeing good demand for ULIPs. Because clearly, people want to save for the future and ULIPs also provide an excellent opportunity for people to invest, from a long-term perspective and the kind of gains which people are seeing on both the equity side as well as the debt side. So, I think the market for ULIP is there and I think it will remain. But as I said just now the demand for production will always be there. So that is going to be there but at the same time, I think the traditional products, the ULIP products depending upon the life stage will always have their own space in customers wallet.

Vivek Law: Alright, Anuj! Thank you very much for joining me and sharing your perspective with our viewers. Thank you.

Anuj Mathur: My pleasure! Thank you very much.

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