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Finance Made Simple with Kiran Yadav | Career Opportunities in Insurance Companies

Video Translation

Vivek Law: Hello and welcome to this special series Finance Made Simple. Joining me today is Kiran Yadav who's the chief people officer at Canara HSBC Life Insurance. Thank you very much Kiran for joining us in this series. From a career point of view we live in a time where young people are looking at enhancing their skills looking at better career opportunities. Life insurance as a sector has grown very significantly over the past two decades. What kind of career opportunities according to you exist in a life insurance company for a young person?

Kiran Yadav: Firstly, a pleasure to be here Vivek. Lovely to meet up with you on zoom and lovely to speak on this topic. It's something that I hold very close to my heart. Coming to the insurance sector, you rightly said it's 20 years old but what we still behave like we are a startup. Insurance is something that at this at one point it is very established like you said 20 years back we came into force and when I say insurance I mean all of us. All the insurance companies - we've been here for a while but really to stay afloat, to do well for our customers, we have to behave like a startup on every single day. So, yes, it's an exciting place to be. Coming to careers in insurance we are open to everybody. The doors are open to everybody we are looking for engineers, we are looking for MBAs, we are looking for people with great selling skills, chartered accountants, company secretaries, all kind of careers we are open here including and you'll be surprised doctors nurses. So, if you want to leave the hospital corridors try something new most welcome to the insurance sector. So, we are open to different career skills because we like to have specialists in every sector, every place that we are in because we want to give the best to our customers. Customer is the core of our business and we like to give the best services, best options to them. Hence, we have specialists in every field. So, if you're looking for a career but I must also in the same breath tell you this is not an easy job. So, if somebody is looking for a convenient comfortable job this is not the place. Right, we're looking for people who have high learning graphs. We're looking for people who are agile, we're looking for people who can deal with ambiguity. So, if you're looking for a great career, a fast career and you're willing to give it all then insurance is the place to be. You learn lots, you'll grow well and we will train you for life.

Vivek Law: Alright. Thank you very much Kiran for joining me today and sharing your perspective with our viewers. Appreciate you taking the time out. Thank you.

Kiran Yadav: Thank you it's been my pleasure. Bye.

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