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What is Financial Immunity?

Financial immunity empowers you to conquer the challenges posed by the economic reality. Being financially immune has become the ultimate need of the hour. The future is uncertain but having a concrete plan helps you sail through the hard times in a smooth manner. It cannot be built overnight as it is a gradual process. The sooner you start investing, the lesser time your financial cushion will take to be ready.

Know your Financial Immunity

We all have some financial goals to achieve. It could be securing your child’s future, paying for their higher education, marriage, retirement. Planning your finances is an essential step that cannot be missed if you want to achieve all the financial goals set by you. With a life insurance cover that provides you to secure your finances, you will be prepared for unforeseen events such as a sudden loss of employment, reduction in wage, accidental disabilities, and diagnosis of critical illnesses.

Knowing your financial immunity is as important as knowing your health immunity. And the most important factors for a secured life are to understand how well you are doing financially to keep abreast with the changing life stages. A catastrophic financial event may topple your finances if you are not prepared for the events. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has designed a Financial Immunity Calculator that will help you assess your immunity. Use the calculator to find out the best life insurance plans according to your requirement.

How to Use the Financial Immunity Calculator?

All you have to do is enter a few personal details such as your name, date of birth, email address, planned age of retirement along with your income and investment information in the calculator. Your current annual income, monthly savings, present value of current investments will be taken into consideration to suggest you life insurance plans. Browse through the array of plans to make an informed decision that will secure you and your loved ones from any financial shock.

Our Recommended Plans

Whether you are looking for a life cover with savings option or you need a health insurance to cover yourself against major critical illnesses, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has different life insurance plans to help you choose the best one for you.

TERM Insurance PLAN

Top Benefits

Whole life cover option available

Increase your life cover with changing life stages

Return of premium & in-built protection options

Multiple premium payment options

Avail tax benefits on premiums paid as per tax laws


Top Benefits

Flexibility to switch funds

Option for partial withdrawals

8 Investment funds and 4 portfolio management strategies

Loyalty additions and wealth booster

Systematic withdrawal option to create additional income stream

Guaranteed Savings Plan


Provides life cover for the entire term while you pay premium only for a limited period.

Flexibility to choose a payment term suitable for you

Guaranteed benefits payable on maturity

Enhanced Protection for your family

Better value for higher premium commitment

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