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Every New Year features impulsive gym memberships, expensive salsa classes, and optimistic diet plans.

Why not work on a list of resolutions that you can actually keep?
We bring you a list of interesting ideas to ensure this year's resolutions are a success!

Make friends
with books

Besides improving your vocabulary, they offer mental stimulation and improve your memory.

Relive the good
ol' times

Plan a Sunday brunch with your infamous college gang and recreate some unforgettable memories.

Take up
a hobby

Make time for gardening. Not only will it help calm your nerves, you'll also contribute to improving the air quality of your area and reducing smog.

Bid farewell
to stress

Stress destroys your relationships and your own health. Try effective stress management with exercise, laughter, and relaxation techniques.

Keep your

Welcome the New Year by ensuring the promises you made to your loved ones. Get iSelect- a term plan that promises to secure your family's financial future, no matter what.