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Annual Income (In Lacs)

What is an Investment Calculator?

An investment calculator is a tool that helps you estimate the value of your invested money after the investment tenure. The calculator also helps you estimate the returns on recurring investments, whether in a savings plan or in a fixed deposit.

This calculator enables you to perform complex financial calculations in just a few seconds. Using the savings calculator you can compare scenarios of investing in different instruments for the given investment horizon.

Our Online Savings & Investment Plans

  • iSelect Guaranteed Future

    Savings Plan

    • 5 plan options to choose from to protect your loved ones
    • Pay premiums for 5,7, or 10 years as per your financial goals
    • Payor Premium Protection Cover to secure your family’s future
    • Tax benefits may be available as per prevailing Tax Laws
    Check Premium
    Know More
  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    Guaranteed Savings Plan

    • Guaranteed benefits payable on maturity, provided all due premiums have been paid.
    • Provides life cover for the entire term while you pay premium only for a limited period.
    • Flexibility to choose a payment term suitable for you
    • Tax benefits on premium paid and benefit received as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.
    Check Returns
  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    Guaranteed Income4Life Plan

    • Options to receive guaranteed income till the age of 99
    • Guaranteed loyalty additions of more than 10 times the annual premium
    • Option of single or regular premium payments
    • Enhanced income pay out for higher premiums
    • Premium protection option to safeguard the goal in case of your early demise
    Check Returns

How does an Investment Returns Calculator help you?

Investment calculator helps you with the following:

  • 1

    Estimate your Investment Amount

    Investment plan is a great way to invest regularly and maintain your investment discipline. It works best with equity and related investments. The investment calculator will help you estimate the monthly amount you should start with for the savings goal you want to achieve.

  • 2

    Estimate Future Value of your Invested Savings

    If you have already decided to invest an amount in an instrument you can estimate how much you will receive after your investment tenure is over.

  • 3

    Assess the Progress of your Investment Plan

    You can also use the calculator to compare whether your investment progress has been as per your expectation. Increase or decrease your investment as per the expected gap. The investment calculator can assess the progress of both annual and monthly investment plans. You should consider these 13 factors while buying a monthly investment plan to make an informed decision.

  • 4

    Estimate Actual Return on the Investment

    If you know the maturity value for a given investment amount, the calculator can help you estimate the return on investment. Use the calculator to compare different investment plans and make a better choice.

How to Use an Investment Calculator?

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth
    Enter the amount you are investing
  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth
    Enter the rate of interest you expect to earn on the invested amount
  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth
    Select the time horizon for your investment
  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth
    Estimate the future value of the investment

Benefits of Using Investment Calculators

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    1. Save Time

    Investment calculator is an automated tool, which helps you with the mathematics involved with your financial calculation. The calculation takes less than a second to complete. Thus, saving your time and effort.

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    2. Compare Investment Options

    Different investments offer different rate of return over different investment periods. You can compare the future values you can receive from each and invest in the one most suitable for your needs.

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    3. Estimate the Result of your Investment

    If you are already investing in an investment instrument, you can compare this investment returns with others. You can estimate whether the returns you received so far on this investment fare better or worse than similar investments.

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    4. Estimate Ideal Investment Amount

    Investment calculator is most useful if you wish to estimate a regular amount you can invest in your goal. You can find a lot of options to automatically convert your savings to investment.

  • Investment Calculator Online | Calculate your Investment Growth

    5. Calculate the Return from your Investment

    Investment calculator can help you accurately guess the rate of return on an investment. All you need is the investment amount and the final value of the instrument.

How to Save and Invest Wisely?

Investment is about growing your savings such that over time your wealth improves. A wise investment is about having adequate money available at the right time to meet your financial goals throughout your life. Thus, investing in a way that all your financial goals, both known and unknown can be reasonably fulfilled without external assistance.

To summarise we can factor in the following in a truly wise investment:

This is simply an equation of saving a share of your regular income towards your contingency as well as long-term goals. Although you can estimate your saving and investment need using a savings calculator individually, to start quickly you can follow the ratios below:

  • 15% of your income to “Retirement Goal”
  • 5% towards contingency preparations including:
    • - Adequate term life cover
    • - Mediclaim and health insurance cover
    • - Emergency fund (6-9 months of your income)
  • 20% towards long-term goals:
    • - Child’s higher education and marriage
    • - Home purchase, etc
  • 10% towards short and medium-term goals
    • - New car
    • - Home renovation
    • - Family vacation
    • - Home essentials, i.e., furniture, electronics, etc.

This 50% savings out of your income can take care of most of your goals and some of the aspirations as well if invested wisely. So, how do you invest wisely after allocating your savings in this manner?

% of Income Allocation Investment Options
15% Retirement Goal EPF (Employee Provident Fund), PPF (Public Provident Fund), NPS (New Pension System), ULIP, Guaranteed Savings and income plans
5% Contingency Preparation (after you have built the emergency fund pool) Term Life Insurance (critical illness and accidental covers part of it), Family Mediclaim, Super Saver Deposits, Bank and Post Office FDs, Debt Mutual Funds
20% Long Term Goals ULIP, New Pension Scheme, Equity and Balanced Mutual Funds, Guaranteed Savings Plans, PPF, Child Plans
10% Short and Medium-Term Goals Debt Mutual Funds, Bank FDs, RDs, ULIP with partial withdrawal option, NSC, etc.

Investment Calculator FAQs

The worth of money in future depends on where it lies today. For example, if you keep Rs. 10,000 in your pocket or piggy bank, it’s worth 20 years later will be the same as Rs. 4,563 today (assuming inflation rate of 4% p.a.). However, if it is invested in an investment that earns 8% p.a. interest the same amount will be Rs. 46,600, worth Rs. 21,272 in today’s terms. You can use the investment calculator to estimate the answers quickly on your terms.

Ten years is a good period to utilise some of the long term investments to grow your money. If your risk appetite allows, you can also take a little more risk with exposure to equity funds. The best option, in this case, would be to use ULIPs for balanced portfolio investments. ULIPs like Invest 4G, from Canara HSBC Life Insurance, allow you to passively manage your equity exposure to avoid market pitfalls too. Plus, the investments and maturity proceeds are tax-free.

You can use an online investment or savings calculator to quickly estimate lump sum investment amount. You will need to use the targeted future value, rate of return on invested money and investment horizon for this calculation.

If your aim is to turn your Rs. 100,000 into Rs. 200,000 and you are open to the investment horizon, you can invest the money in equity funds. The best way to allocate this amount in an equity fund is through SIP over a few months. But, if you have a maximum time limit for your goal, say 10 years, then guaranteed investments would be a better idea. For example, a guaranteed savings plan or debt funds would give you the certainty of doubling your invested money.

Investments with tax-free and market-linked returns are the best investments in any year. A few of such investments are unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), guaranteed savings plans, moneyback plans, PPF account (for 15-year tenure), ELSS funds if you are an aggressive investor. Out of all ULIPs offer the best flexibility in terms of risk and fund management including taxation.

A millionaire in terms of Indian currency would mean that you at least have Rs 10 lakhs in cash or equivalent investments. Being a millionaire is not difficult if you are already earning some money. it will take say as little as Rs 5000 a month for you to build a corpus of Rs 10 lakhs in a few years. Without earning any interest such investment will take about 17 years. If you invest this amount aggressively you may build the corpus in just about 10 years or less. Use the investment calculator to determine the saving horizon you need to build such corpus.

You need to build a large pool of funds to be able to draw a significant amount as income out of it. Thus, in the beginning, you need to focus only on two things – 1. Maximize savings, 2. Invest this savings aggressively for growth. Depending on what portion (90% to 10%) of your income you invest regularly, you can replace your present income within 15 to 30 years.