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About Wealth Edge

In this policy the investment risk in investment portfolio will be borne by the policyholder

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Canara HSBC Life Insurance Wealth Edge, a Linked Individual Savings Life Insurance Plan, designed as per your needs. This plan recognizes the importance of your life goals and helps you fulfil them along with the added shield of life insurance to protect you and your family against any uncertainties in the future. It empowers you to deliver the promises you have made to your near and dear ones.

Choose from our top plans

Depending upon your financial need, you can select your plan option (any ONE) from the following available options under this product.

Invest Plus

Create your wealth over years by investing regularly

Flexibility to pay premiums once or for a limited period

Return of Mortality Charges + Loyalty Additions + Wealth Boosters

Choice of 8 fund options and 5 portfolio management strategies to maximize your investments

Tax benefits, as per prevailing Tax Laws

Premium Plus

All future Premium(s) will be waived off and the fund will stay invested in case of death

Return of Mortality Charges + Loyalty Additions + Wealth Boosters

Choice of 8 fund options and 5 portfolio management strategies to maximize your investments

Tax benefits, as per prevailing Tax Laws

Life Plus

Enjoy life cover till age 100 years

Opt for Systematic Withdrawal Option (SWO) / Milestone Withdrawal Option (MWO) to enjoy retirement income

Return of Mortality Charges + Loyalty Additions + Wealth Boosters

Choice of 8 fund options and 5 portfolio management strategies to maximize your investments

Tax benefits, as per prevailing Tax Laws

Invest Plus

Why Buy

  • Build your wealth over the years by investing a premium regularly in investment funds of your choice.
  • Multiple Plan Options to choose from: ‘Invest Plus’, ‘Premium Plus’ or ‘Life Plus’.
  • Recurring income with Systematic Withdrawal Option (SWO) / Milestone Withdrawal Option (MWO).
  • Return of Mortality Charges, Loyalty Addition and Wealth Boosters to enhance your fund value.
  • Flexibility with the option to alter your premiums, premium payment term, policy term and sum assured.
  • Avail Tax Benefits.

Death Benefit

Higher of:

  • Sum Assured less partial withdrawals/ withdrawals under MWO / withdrawals under SWO, if any, in the preceding two years, or
  • Fund Value as on date of intimation of death claim, or
  • 105% of all Premiums paid up to the date of death

Maturity Benefit

  • Fund Value as on the date of maturity

Choice of Portfolio Management Strategies

1. Systematic Transfer Option (STO)

Reduces risks associated with lumpsum investing by investing in the equity market in a systematic manner. Entire Premium will be invested in the Liquid Fund and then systematically transferred on a monthly basis into an Equity Fund.

2. Return Protector Option (RPO)

Protects investment gains from future market volatility. Automatic transfer of investment gains from Equity Fund to Debt Fund.

3. Auto Funds Rebalancing (AFR)

Helps in maintaining investments in a specific proportion across different Unit Linked Funds, irrespective of market movements. After every 3 months, the investments are automatically rebalanced in in various Unit Linked Funds to the allocation proportions chosen by you.

4. Safety Switch Option (SSO)

The funds are systematically moved to a relatively low risk Liquid Fund in the last four policy years to avoid market movements and safeguard the funds near policy maturity.

5. Loss Protector Strategy (LPO)

Protect investments in case of a market down turn. In case of a downturn in market investment is transferred from high risk to low risk funds, thus reducing the risk.

Choice of Funds

Choose from a range of 8 Unit Linked Funds to cater to your investment needs. You can choose to allocate your Premiums to any, all or a combination of the Unit Linked Funds as per your risk preference.

  • Emerging Leaders Equity Fund
  • India Multi-Cap Equity Fund
  • Equity II Fund
  • Growth Plus Fund
  • Balanced Plus Fund
  • Large Cap Advantage Fund
  • Debt Fund
  • Liquid Fund

Additions in the Fund

Loyalty Additions

Regular loyalty additions at the end of the each Policy Year, starting from the 6th Policy Year onwards till the end of chosen Policy Term equal to 0.5% of the average Fund Values of the last 12 monthly Policy anniversaries.

Wealth Boosters

At the end of Wealth Booster
(as a percentage of the average Fund Value of the last 60 monthly Policy Anniversaries)
10th Policy Year 2.90%
15th Policy Year and thereafter at the end of every 5 Policy Years 1.50%

Return of Mortality Charges

Total of all the Mortality Charges deducted during the Policy Term will be added to the Fund Value at the maturity date.

Product Flexibilities

Change in Premium Payment Term

Flexibility to change your Premium Payment Term to align it with your changing financial situation.

Increase or Decrease of Sum Assured

Option to alter your Sum Assured based on your protection needs.

Option to increase Policy Term

Flexibility to change your Policy Term to align it with your changing horizon.

Settlement Option

Option to receive your maturity benefit through Settlement Option in installments as per the frequency chose, over a maximum period of 5 years.

Option to reduce premium

You can choose to reduce your premium basis your financial needs.

Ritika, aged 40 years is a wealthy businesswoman and is looking for a financial solution which will help her expand her business. She opts for Canara HSBC Life Insurance Wealth Edge -Invest Plus option and opts for limited premium payment mode with a Policy Term of 20 years and a Premium Payment Term of 10 years along with a life insurance cover of 10 times the Annualized Premium. She decides to pay an Annual Premium of Rs. 5 Lakhs and opts for Systematic Transfer Option (STO) investment strategy.

Maturity Benefit

Ritika, with a disciplined contribution, at the end of 20 years is not only able to create a substantial corpus but also developed a habit for savings towards a strong financial future.

Death Benefit: In case of Ritika’s unfortunate death in the 15th policy year, the death benefit payable is:

Eligibility Criteria Minimum Maximum
Age at entry 0 years 70 years
Maturity Age 18 years 80 years
For Single Pay
SA Cover Multiple Age at entry (in years) PT (in years)
10 X 0 to 38 5 to 20
39 to 44 5 to 10
45 to 47 5
1.25 X 0 to 70 5 to 30
For Limited Pay
Age at Entry (in years) PPT (in years) PT (in years)
0 – 55 5/7/10/15/20/25 10 to 30
56 – 60 7/10/15 10 to 20
5 10 to 15
61– 65 7/10/15 10 to 15
For Regular Pay
Age at Entry (in years) PPT (in years) PT (in years)
0 – 70 Same as PT 10 to 30


For Single Premium- 1.25 times Single Premium basis Age at Entry

For Regular/ Limited Premium- 7 times Annualized Premium


Age at Entry (in years) Limited Pay Regular Pay Single Pay
PT <=20 years PT > 20 years
0-30 40 40 40 10
31-40 25 20 40 10
41-45 20 15 30 10
46-47 15 10 20 10
47+ 10 10 10 1.25

Premium Payment Details

Premium Payment Mode Minimum (Rs.) Maximum (Rs.)
Annual 1,25,000 per year No Limit
Semi-Annual 75,000 per half year
Quarterly 43,750 per quarter
Monthly 16,667 per month
Single Premium 1,25,000

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