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How to Achieve Financial Freedom this Independence Day?

dateKnowledge Centre Team dateAugust 10, 2021 views334 Views
Financial Freedom | Personal Finance | Financial Planning

Our economic status plays a vital role in deciding our physical and mental health. Financial well-being, of course, leads to better overall living. An investment made at the correct time in the right plans can be a game-changer for your life. Buying the best life insurance policy to secure your financial future is the first step. To achieve financial freedom, you have to take care of your financial well-being. We work hard for our money. So when will our money start working for us? Why not invest it somewhere that will be beneficial to you? Investing is one way to take control of your financial future. It helps you to build money while also providing an alternative income source if you need it before retirement.

Investing improperly or not at all might result in a longer working life. When you take investing seriously, the profits you earn can help you maintain financial security in the future. The returns you may anticipate from your investment are mostly determined by your investment objectives, the sum you invest, and the timetable you are considering.

You must finally confront the repercussions of your conduct (or lack of). Investing is the same way. To achieve major life benchmarks, such as sending your child to university or creating your retirement account, you must invest. When it comes to investing, it is usually advisable to get started as soon as possible.

What is Financial Wellness?

Your total financial health is referred to as financial well-being. But it's far more than your bank balance. It understands where to go next with your income and feeling positive about your financial status. It also refers to your capacity to survive a financial emergency, such as one brought on by a lousy economy.

The following are the most important aspects of your financial well-being:

1. Being able to pay for monthly and daily costs without difficulty.

2. Ability to purchase certain items without difficulty.

3. You won't have to worry about unforeseen expenses or payments.

4. When it concerns where you reside, starting a family, and purchasing anything you want within budget, you have options.

5. You're also defining financial objectives for the future and devising a strategy to accomplish them. Purchase a home, save for education, prepare for retirement, and so on.

Is Investing different from speculating?

Investing is also distinct from speculating, which is defined as a strategy for obtaining big returns on your assets in a short period. Speculation may be thought of as a type of high-risk investment with a limited holding period.

You can think of speculation as a one-time yoga early in the morning, feeling refreshed that day and thinking you're done for life. Investments are often long-term in character and manage risks so that the rewards are proportional to the risk incurred.

Three Reasons to Invest Mindfully for a Planned Financial Future

Investing your wealth means optimising your finances. If you plan your finances carefully, you can put your wealth for better returns, which in turn will provide you a financial safety net. Here are three reasons you should invest for your financial future:

1. Higher returns

Investing funds in an asset is a compromise because the investor disregards the benefit of utilizing the funds for his commitment now in exchange for a higher utility afterward.

a) Dividends and capital gains are two methods to profit from stock investments.

b) Investing in a bond can provide regular repayments or coupons over defined periods, benefiting the investor.

c) Rental income and capital gains can both benefit an investor who invests in real estate.

2. Retirement plan

The majority of people save for their retirement. Because most individuals rely on their wage income to satisfy their necessities, it might be difficult to maintain one's lifestyle after retirement if one is unemployed.

Learn what is retirement planning and how much money is needed after retirement in India.

3. Achieve financial goals

One of the most important strategies to achieve one's financial objectives is to invest. As a person progresses in life, new financial obligations emerge. It generally begins with the purchase of a home. Even if a home is purchased with a loan, a large down payment is required.

Children's college education is another key investment aim. With today's high university tuition, a family can begin saving for university tuition even while their children are still young. Apart from these financial objectives, retirement is an ever-present financial objective for people throughout their working life.

Must Read - What Are Financial Goals

Where can you Invest?

Investing in various saving plans offered by Canara HSBC Life Insurance will help you grow money and provide you with an income whenever you need one.

1. Savings Plan: It provides you with guaranteed maturity benefits when all premiums are paid. This plan has multiple premium payment options making it a flexible premium and investment option.

2. Grow Smart Plan: Helps you invest equity in various small, mid, and large-cap companies. Flexible premium rates as you can choose your paying term as per your capability.

To various individuals, investing might mean various things. While some people think of investing as investing cash into a business to make a profit, it may also imply putting in additional effort for a long-term benefit, such as improving one's abilities or wellness.

We shall define investment in this context as "placing money into investment instruments, stocks, land, or a business endeavour with the hope of making a profit." This Independence Day, take a vow to invest in the right plan that suits your needs.

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