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Sabse Pehle Life Insurance: Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

Sabse Pehle Life Insurance: Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

"Sabse Pehle Life Insurance" is a campaign to spread awareness about the importance of life insurance in India. This tag line is also translated into various Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali which will help in increasing the reach and will also help in the distribution of the message on regional media across the country.

Why Do We Need Such A Campaign for Life Insurance?

In the insurance industry with 24 life insurance companies - "Sabse Pehle Life Insurance" is the first mass media campaign that aims to generate buzz and awareness around life insurance and its importance in the indian society. The objective of the campaign is to make people adopt life insurance coverage keeping in mind the uncertainties of life and securing the future of one's family. All this has been displayed in a short video launched recently by life insurance council of India.

Why Do We Need Life Insurance at Different Life Stages?

At various phases of our life, our financial needs and goals change. Life insurance is a critical tool that provides a safety net for the financial stability of the family. To keep up with the changing financial goals, our insurance needs also must change. Hence, investing in insurance cannot be a one-time decision. You will need to periodically review your Life insurance investment to ensure you are adequately covered and the financial future of your loved ones is well-insulated.

A good way to appraise your insurance needs is to check your coverage at different life stages. Across the timelines, different decisions and changes have a financial impact on you and your dependents. Here is a look at some significant milestones in life that dictate your life insurance needs:


Your career has probably just about begun. You probably don't have any dependents at this stage in your life unless your parents have already retired or you have siblings who depend on you

Similarly, there is a low likelihood of having any liabilities other than maybe an education loan.

This is a great time to start insurance planning. At a young and healthy age, the insurance premium will be very low. Take advantage of the same and purchase an insurance plan that can cover for your education loan. Choose a cover 2-3 times your annual salary and tenure of 35-40 years, so you don't have to purchase another basic cover later.


Salaried professionals would be at a mid-managerial level, while self-employed/ businessmen would have a stable revenue being generated. Most people would be married and have children, in addition to retired parent(s).

At this point, you most likely have multiple liabilities arising from marriage, children's expenses and probably a car loan and/or personal loan.

The insurance needs at this stage are very high considering the number of dependents, even if your spouse is employed. The future needs of the family, especially children must be considered.

You need an enhanced cover that accounts for the families living expenses, ageing parents, and the education of the children with enough coverage to service outstanding liabilities. So, make sure your insurance cover is at least 7-8 times your annual salary.


By this time working professionals would be holding a senior managerial role, and business owners will be looking to scale up. This age group reaps the benefit of a sizeable shift in income levels, upgraded lifestyle, ergo increased expenses and standard of living.

You are now probably supporting a spouse, teenage children and possibly parents. With young adults, there is a need for more space. Hence, the probability of purchasing a house is high, complemented by higher earning potential.

While the previous loans may have been paid off by now, building a housing asset will require a substantial loan. It becomes imperative to look for proportionately increased coverage from your insurance to cover the mortgage. You will also have to factor in the rising cost of higher education that your children will need in a couple of years and a retirement kitty for your spouse.


Working professionals are expected to be at top-management cadre while businesses are possibly well-established. The children have probably moved out of the nest by now.

Majority of the liabilities are usually taken care of with possibly the children's marriage expenses being an impending cost. The mortgage is still expected to be the major liability at this life stage.

The insurance needs at this age must focus on a comfortable retirement for your spouse and estate planning to take care of your outstanding liabilities and providing some tax-free asset for your children.


Insurance coverage usually peaks between the thirties and forties, but waiting until then to purchase a Life insurance plan is too risky a proposition. You will need an insurance policy that is flexible and adaptable to your changing goals, expectations and grows with you and your responsibilities.

One such insurance policy is the iSelect Smart360 Term Plan that offers the option of increasing your coverage by 25% every five years. It ensures that no matter the life stage you are at, the cover is enough to provide for your family's financial needs. In fact, you also have the option of increasing your sum assured by 100% during the policy term. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to opt for the increasing cover option before the commencement of the policy. iSelect Smart360 Term Plan is, therefore, an insurance policy that is truly with you every step of your life.

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