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Role of Life Insurance In Achieving Financial Independence

Retirement Plan for financial independence

As India celebrates its 74th Independence Day this year, it’s time to think of your financial freedom. Financial independence refers to a state where one has enough resources at their disposal to help fulfill their future financial goals. Focusing on what you need in life, it can remove dependence. But can you earn a fixed monthly salary and do more than just meet your monthly expenses? Yes, you can! With careful planning and building up a financial reservoir to eventually break the dependence on a monthly salary.

Why is financial independence important?

Achieving financial Independence is a way to secure your future and ensure you follow your dreams without any financial constraints. It’s the freedom to make life decisions without being stressed about running out of money.

Ideally one should start early and make sufficient savings and investments in the early stages of your career. Then, you should work upwards towards your goals like owning a house, vehicle, education and marriage of your children etc. If planned and invested wisely, you can achieve your goals and still have sufficient corpus that will you a regular stream of money to retire peacefully.

Insurance for Financial Independence

How can you achieve financial freedom?

The financial ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and a decade or more of judicious investment is mostly sufficient to help you achieve your financial goals, but true independence comes with thorough planning and preparing for risks. Have different investment strategies for different goals like marriage, health, and education. For instance, Canara HSBC Life Insurance Guaranteed Savings Plan offers fully guaranteed insurance benefits along with the flexibility to choose your savings horizon. Invest your time in research and make informed decisions. Avoid following a herd approach and make efforts to prepare your action plan for changing scenarios to shun away from making an impulse decision.

Investing for financial freedom

Keeping your savings in a bank account might earn you a small interest, but it won’t generate wealth in the long term. In today’s world there are numerous investment tools and options that can help you grow your wealth. You can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ULIPs, pension plans, gold, FD as well as real estate.

Both market-linked and fixed-income investments have a role to play in wealth creation - Market-linked investments are high-risk but also carry the potential of high returns. On the other hand, fixed income investments can be great for preserving the accumulated wealth and use it to meet the desired goal. For long-term goals, it is important to judiciously use a mix of investments keeping risk, time horizon and taxation in mind.

Financial independence and retirement

Retirement is typically referred to the end of your work life and it is the time when financial independence matters the most. Financial independence means being prepared for your dreams and having enough financial resources to be able to do what you want in life - take an early retirement, start your own business, or pack your bags and travel the world. And what can be better than a comprehensive retirement insurance plan?

You can’t get there overnight. Achieving financial independence takes the right planning and the discipline to stick to the plan even if things go the other way. This could include making investment decisions early in life and even sacrifice when required. Don't give up on what you want the most for yourself and your loved ones.

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