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Whole Life Insurance Plan

Whole Life Insurance Plan
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Whole Life Insurance Plan

Who doesn’t want their family legacy to continue infinitely? You can begin with a great long-term plan and use financial instruments like term insurance plans to protect your family financially. If you are aiming to create a beneficial legacy for your family, you should also consider whole life insurance plans.

Whole Life Insurance Plan

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is a unique life insurance plan that covers you for a lifetime. Whole life plans are life insurance plans with the longest tenure since the plan aims to stay with you till your natural death. The maximum age for the policyholder, in this case, can go up to 100 years.

Now you also have the option of buying a whole life term insurance cover. The policy will cover you up to the age of 99, or your demise whichever is earlier.

What are the Different Types of Whole Life Insurance?

There are different types of whole life insurance options available in the market. However, you must know the variety of whole life plans to make an informed and smart decision.

Participating & Non-participating Whole Life Insurance

Participating and non-participating whole life plans are traditional whole life insurance plans. The only difference between both the plans is the cumulative bonus. While participating plans acquire a bonus from the company based on the company’s performance, non-participating plans do not consider the bonuses.

However, both policies will cover your whole life and have a level sum assured. You may find these plans with two further variations:

  • Regular pay option
  • Limited pay option

Standard Whole Life Term Plan

A whole life term plan is a life insurance plan which covers your life till the age of 99. A standard whole life term plan will have the following options:

  • Regular premium payment
  • Limited premium payment
  • Pay till you turn 60

In any case, the policy will continue till your demise, and if you survive till 99 years of age, the sum assured is paid to you.

Whole Life Term Insurance Plan with Return of Premium

This whole life plan also gives you the option to get all your premiums back at the expiry of the term. Under iSelect Star whole life term plan, you can get all your paid premiums back if you outlive the policy. This whole life policy provides not only the life cover but also reduces the cost of it to zero. Apart from that, you can still be sure of leaving an estate for your grandchildren.

How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

Whole life insurance works similar to a term insurance plan before your retirement. However, after retirement, you can assume the whole life insurance plan as a guaranteed money back plan. Here’s how iSelect Star Whole Life plan will work if you have opted for pay till 60 and return of premium options (assuming you start investing at the age of 30 in a Rs. 1 Crore whole life plan).

You need to select a mode of premium payment, i.e., monthly, quarterly or annually

The plan will pay Rs. 1 crore to your nominees in case you are diagnosed with a terminal illness covered under the plan or your demise.

The policy also covers natural death due to old age

If the policy is in force and all premiums have been paid for the policy, at the age of 60 the policy will return all the premiums

Any time before reaching 60 if you stop paying premiums and do not revive the policy within five years, your policy will acquire exit value

After the age of 60, your life and critical health covers continue without further premium payments

If your death occurs before the age of 99, the policy will pay the sum assured to your nominees. In case you contract a terminal illness before the age of 99, the policy will release the sum assured and will cease to exist.

If you survive till the age of 99 without a claim on the policy, the policy will pay the sum assured to you.

What are the Benefits of a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

Life Cover for Entire Life

Whole life insurance covers you for your entire life. In the event of unfortunate death of the policyholder, whole life insurance offers guaranteed death benefits to the beneficiary.

Tax Savings

It offers tax benefits as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The premiums paid towards the policy are exempt from tax up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Also, the pay-out received by a beneficiary or policyholder is free from tax as per Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Level Premiums

Premium rates are set for a specific period. There will be no increase or decrease in premium rates during this term. So, if you buy the plan at an early age, you can enjoy lower premium amounts.

Borrow Money in Emergencies

It also provides loan facility which allows the policyholder to take a loan against the policy. This is possible once the policy has completed two years and you have paid all premiums on time.

Return of Money on Survival

Whole life policy return the sum assured to you if you survive the policy term. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance’s iSelect Star term plan with whole life cover option also gives you the option to pay the policy premiums till the age of 60. At 60 the policy will return your premiums and continue without the need for any further premiums.

Terminal Illness Cover Post-Retirement

As you age, the risk of contracting a life-threatening disease also increases. Usually, the health cover would only continue till the age of 65-80, usually with a very high premium. However, with a term plan like iSelect Star, you can choose to have a lifetime insurance. So, even if you need a heart treatment after 70, your savings may not have to bear the cost of it.

Should You Invest in Whole Life Term Insurance?

Whole life term policy covers you for a long period, including the time when you are over 60 years and retired. Thus, whole life insurance will make sense for you if:

You plan to leave a legacy for your children

You want your term cover to continue post-retirement

Lifetime cover against life-threatening diseases

Save tax under section 80C

How To Buy a Whole Life Term Plan Online?

At Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance you can buy the whole life plan online following a simple six-step process:


Calculate your term cover need and decide premium payment mode

The process starts with your contact details and a few personal information such as your date of birth educational qualification and income. Your details give a clear idea about your maximum life cover eligibility.

After you have chosen the cover amount, you need to choose ‘till 99 years of age’ as the policy term for whole life cover.

You can also select a premium payment mode to see a tentative figure for the amount you will pay. If you are salaried you can select a monthly mode of premium payment and see the impact of term insurance cost on your budget.

You should pay special attention to the e-mail ID you provide here, as this will be used for all communications regarding the policy by the insurer. So, make sure that you regularly access the email you provide here.


Provide Additional Details

The second step considers your location, occupation and existing coverage details. These details help determine your maximum cover eligibility.

Some of these factors like state of residence and occupation can influence your premium for the life cover.


Customize Your Whole Life Insurance Plan

Once you have decided on the amount and tenure of the cover, it’s time to choose your plan features.

You can select the following plan features:

Select Plan Options: Life or Life Plus Cover Options. After selecting these options, you can follow the table below to see your options under both plans:

SELECT COVERAGE OPTION Level: You can keep your life cover fixed throughout the policy tenure.
Increasing: Your life cover grows at a fixed rate of the base cover.
Only Level option available
POLICY TERM Select ‘Till 99 years of age’ for whole life coverage Select any suitable policy term. You can keep the policy term up to the age of 60 (retirement age), or slightly later, as the policy will return all your premiums upon expiry of this term.
BENEFIT PAY-OUT OPTIONS Lump Sum only: Entire sum assured is paid in one instalment You can choose to pay the benefit sum as regular income or as a lump sum. You can also divide it between both.
PREMIUM PAYMENT TERM Regular: Premiums will be distributed throughout the policy tenure. Meaning, you will need to pay the premiums until a claim or till 99 years of age.
Limited: You can choose a shorter premium payment term. Pay till 60 option best optimizes your premium outflow and term.
Regular: Premium payment term is equal to the policy term
Limited: Choose any tenure less than the policy tenure

Under iSelect Star Term plan whole life cover options, you cannot add accidental and child support benefits as add-on covers. However, the critical health coverage is available to you by default along with the life cover.


Pay the premium and or complete the Proposal Form

Once you have decided on the benefits and premium amount of the whole life insurance cover, you can review your choices and benefit amounts. After reviewing your plan details you can complete the proposal form and pay the insurance premium.

You can use your credit or debit card, net banking, UPI or a Wallet account for online premium payment. Don’t forget to opt for auto-debit option, so that your policy can continue even if you forget about the premium payment later.

The proposal form contains more detailed questionnaire about personal, professional, lifestyle and medical history. Along with the proposal form you will need to submit supporting documents as well which will include the following (but not limited to):

  • KYC Documents
    1. Identity & Address proof
    2. Aadhaar details
  • ecent medical reports
  • Bank statements or salary slips supporting your income details
  • Any existing life insurance policy details

Go through the Medical check-up

After the insurer has accepted your premium and proposal form, based on the details provided, you may have to go through either of the following:

  • Tele-medical examination
  • A medical check-up at a designated clinic nearby

However, if you are eligible for the whole life cover without medical you can simply move to the next step.

If you need to undergo a medical check-up physically, you will be assigned a date and place for the insurer’s health check-up requirements. Health check-up is an important step as it ensures that your health status is understood by the insurer and there is no risk of an early demise.


Revised premium or sum assured

In case, you have a health condition, occupation or hobbies which may increase the risk of your early death, the insurer may offer any of the following choices:

  • Increased premium amount
  • Increased premium amount

In case of increased premium cost, you can continue to get the cover by paying the balance amount of premium.


Receive the policy document and get any mistakes corrected

After the medical check-up and paying the balance premium after revision (if applicable) the insurer will dispatch the policy document to you. In the case of the online application, the policy documents are sent online to your registered e-mail ID.

You should check yours and your nominee’s personal details like name, contact number, date of birth and address on the documents. Ensure that these match the details on the legal documents so that you don’t face any challenges in managing the policy.

Why Buy Your Whole Life Plan from Canara HSBC Oriental
Bank of Commerce Life Insurance?

FAQs Related to Whole Life Insurance Plan

The purpose of a whole life policy is to provide a life cover for the financial protection of your family through your working life. The policy then doubles up as an estate plan after your retirement. Thus, whole life insurance is a great tool for wealth transfer. However, if you wish to accumulate wealth you should consider Invest 4G Plan or Guaranteed Savings Plan.

Both insurance plans serve a specific purpose in your life. Term insurance can provide adequate financial cover to your family as you work hard to build their future. Whole life cover serves a dual purpose of life cover as well as a wealth transfer tool. A whole life term insurance plan like iSelect Star combines the benefits of both plans to allow you to use a whole life plan as a term insurance cover in your working years and as a wealth transfer tool after your retirement.

The policy will pay the sum assured benefit amount to the policyholder.

Yes, you can do so after completing two years from commencement. Provided all the due premiums have been paid.

Whole life policy will acquire cash value or surrender value after two consecutive policy years. However, the cash value in the early years could be nominal. It increases as you pay more premiums, and later on, if you need you can borrow money against the policy based on this cash value.

Yes, whole life insurance is an investment asset which can help you transfer the wealth to your next generation.

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