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Can I Get a Life Insurance If I Smoke or Drink?

Often people fall into the false belief that smokers or drinkers can’t buy a life insurance for themselves. To clear the air, the fact is that insurance companies do offer insurance to smokers but the difference lies in their terms and conditions which are completely different from that of a non-smoker.

There’s no denying that smokers are more prone to lifestyle diseases as compared to non-smokers. Therefore, don’t get mad if being a smoker results in buying a life insurance at higher premium rates.

Why does a person who smokes needs health insurance?

A smoker needs to have a health insurance policy in order to cover himself against all ailments that may arise in the future. Some of the serious diseases that affect smokers includes lung cancer, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, stroke, heart diseases, etc.

Besides, listed below are some of the pointers that you need to know if you are going to buy a health insurance policy

  • Higher premium rates – If you smoke or drink on a regular basis, then you are more likely to get health complications such as liver/heart problems, bronchitis, lung cancer, among other medical problems. This is the foremost reason why insurance companies may ask you for a higher premium compared to those who do not smoke or consume alcohol. Although, insurance companies are not going to charge more premium till the time your medical test shows that your health is being affected by any of these habits. In addition to this, it is advisable to speak to your insurance provider first before buying a health insurance policy. This will help you get some clarity regarding premium rates.
  • Policy exclusions – There are various insurance companies that do not ask about your lifestyle habits when you fill in your policy details. They completely exclude smoking and drinking from the policy coverage option. Therefore, one must read the fine print carefully and also understand all the inclusions and exclusions mentioned in the form before buying the policy. This could prove useful to you in future.
  • Claim settlement process – Many smokers or alcoholics avoid taking health insurance because they think that their claims would be rejected. But, that’s an uninformed choice. The claim settlement process remains the same in case of smokers and non-smokers. Because life insurance companies already get an idea of the customer’s status in terms of smoking or drinking when they take an insurance policy. Mostly people try to hide their habit of drinking or smoking at the time of policy purchase, which is a counter-productive choice. If the insurance company later finds out that you are a smoker and you were hiding this crucial information from them, then this may lead to the rejection of your policy.

How smokers can avail a health insurance policy?

When you buy an insurance policy, insurance companies ask a few questions regarding your smoking habits. This includes some very common questions such as - How often do you smoke? Have you undergone any medical treatment due to smoking or drinking? They will also ask about your age and regular health condition.

Remember, the insurance company decides premium on the basis of your current health condition. So, those who do not smoke and have no pre-existing ailments can buy health insurance policy very easily. Moreover, if you smoke only few cigarettes a month and have got no pre-existing illnesses before, then also you can avail a health insurance plan easily. Although, those who smoke a high number of cigarettes on a daily basis, health insurance companies may reject their request.

‘There’s nothing more important in life than a good health’. Therefore, in order to get a secure health insurance plan, you must quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible as this will not only mitigate health risks, but will also reduce the cost of your health insurance premium. Besides, if you are looking to buy a health insurance plan for smokers, then Canara HSBC Life Insurance is the ideal option for you.

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