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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Health Plan Important for You?

In today's day and age, when the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to affordable and efficient healthcare has become more critical than ever. Moreover, having a health plan to protect yourself and your family from medical emergencies becomes crucial when considering the rising cost of medical treatment in the country. Opting for the best possible treatment can burn a hole in your savings pocket and derail your finances when you decide to pay for the treatment expenses yourself.

Also, your family's well-being can be jeopardized when it is you who is in the hospital bed. In case of a health emergency, you can easily take care of the costs towards the doctor's consultation, medical tests, and post-hospitalization recovery costs to much extent, thus, lessening your stress. Here are some reasons that can help make up your mind about buying a health plan today –

1. Fighting lifestyle ailments

Lifestyle ailments such as diabetes, obesity, health diseases, and respiratory problems are rising nowadays. Both young and mature are getting affected by these health issues. Some contributing factors that are giving rise to these health issues sedentary lifestyles, stress, irregular eating habits, pollution, and undisciplined lives.

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While you can keep yourself healthy by following a disciplined exercise regime and eating right, you need to prepare yourself financially to take care of any unfortunate incident that can aggravate your condition. Having a health plan helps you cover the costs of regular medical checkups so that you can protect yourself preemptively from these conditions and take care of medical expenses if needed.

2. Securing your family

You can utilize a health insurance plan to safeguard yourself and your family under the same policy coverage. Moreover, you can include your aging parents, who are likely to be more vulnerable against health issues in your health plan, istead of buying a separate policy for them. To make sure you have the best possible health cover, you can research thoroughly and consult with experts before investing in a plan that provides comprehensive coverage.

3. Tackling medical inflation

We are aware of how our technology is improving to help us take care of health ailments. At the same time, the cost of treatment is increasing as well. Here it is crucial that you understand that the medical expenses nowadays are not limited to hospitals only, but often include the continually rising costs of diagnosis tests, doctor's consultation, medicine, and room rent. These costs can easily strain your finances if you are underprepared against any such emergency. By paying a relatively affordable premium against a health insurance plan each year, you can make sure that you can opt for quality treatment without worrying much about the financial aspect.

4. Savings Protection

Having adequate health insurance coverage, you can easily manage your medical expenditure without straining your savings. You can leverage features such as cashless treatment while undergoing medical treatment, so that your savings can be used for their intended plans, such as funding your child's education, buying a home, and retirement. Moreover, health insurance also enables you to avail of tax benefits on the premium paid under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, which further increases your savings.