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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Not Covered Under Life Insurance?

Life insurance plans provide comprehensive financial protection to you and your loved ones at affordable premiums. In case anything happens to you (i.e. policyholder), your family would receive a pre-decided Sum Assured as an insurance benefit. However, certain types of deaths or eventualities are not covered by life insurance policies in India. Life insurance plans are subject to specific term and conditions relating to different kinds of deaths. Here is an insight into the different kinds of deaths that your life insurance policy may not cover –

  • Due to driving a vehicle while intoxicated (under the influence of alcohol)
  • Due to any pre-existing health condition
  • Due to meeting an accident while driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs
  • Due to participation in any adventure sport
  • Due to participation in any racing event
  • Due to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Due to participation in any illegal activity

Moreover, other exclusions could be included in your life insurance coverage. For example, if you are a smoker, you must mention the same while purchasing the life insurance policy. After that, the insurance company would charge an additional premium to cover the risk of death because of complications arising from smoking.

In case you abuse your body or health that causes any self-inflicted injury leading to death, your life insurance policy claim may get rejected by the insurance company. Other reasons for death that may not be covered under life insurance include –

a) Self-inflicted Injury: If the policyholder’s demise occurs due to a self-inflicted injury or any dangerous, adventurous activity, the life insurance claim may get rejected.

b) HIV/AIDS: The life insurance company will not accept any insurance claim, which is made after the life insured’s death occurs due to any sexually transmitted health conditions such as HIV or AIDS.

c) Homicide: If the life insured’s death occurs after their nominee commits a murder attempt, the insurance company may reject the claim or put the claim on hold until the investigation acquits the nominee.

d) Natural Disasters: Life insurance companies may not cover any deaths that may occur due to a natural disaster.

As life insured, if you commit suicide during the first 12 months of policy commencement (i.e. the date of policy coverage starts), your nominee will be eligible to receive 80 per cent of the premium paid (in case of the life insurance policy is a non-linked one).

For linked life insurance plans, the beneficiary will receive the sum assured or assured +fund value. And in case of suicide within 12 months of buying a ULIP, the fund value on the date of intimation will be provided to the beneficiary.

As per the Act, the life insurance claim will be investigated for fraud first, including misrepresentation or improper disclosure of information.