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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) Considered Risky?

Despite the numerous features and benefits offered by the ULIP plans, they are one of the most widely misunderstood financial instruments. ULIPs are generally considered a risky instrument due to the in-built investment component.

ULPs indeed allow investing in a variety of equity and debt instruments, which, in turn, offer returns based on market performance. The market volatility, thus, has a crucial role to play in determining the overall returns from these individual funds. The overall risk associated with ULIPs, however, doesn’t depend on a single type of fund options. Instead, it is a culmination of the combined risk profile of the fund options that you choose to invest in.

And most importantly, you can exercise complete control over which fund options you want to be included in your investment portfolio under a ULIP. For example, if you decide to maximize your returns by investing in only equities, your investment risk increases too, since equity funds are most prone to market-linked risks. On the other hand, a ULIP portfolio that only has debt funds would have far less risk exposure, but the accumulated returns will be far less, compared to equity investments.

That said, you can choose to invest in a mix of equity and debt fund options (i.e. a balanced fund portfolio) based on your risk appetite and financial goals. This way, you have the flexibility to reduce your overall risk exposure under the ULIP, while making sure that you accumulate maximal returns. Also, don’t forget the in-built life insurance cover that you receive under the ULIP plan, which significantly reduces your risk against financial emergencies and any eventuality.

ULIPs are typically considered to be one of the best saving/investment instruments, which enable you to maximize returns on your investments. You have complete freedom to put your money in fund options of your choice, depending on your risk tolerance. In other words, ULIP investments are less prone to risks associated with market fluctuations.