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Useful Tips To Secure Your Child's Future

If only you could sign up for a course on parenting! If only you could take an exam that could certify you as a qualified individual who can take on the biggest responsibility in the world! If only! While there's not much we can do about that, financial planning is something we can definitely guide you with. If you are worried about ensuring your child's financial security, here are some valuable tips that will help you get started in time:

Set up a baby fund

Set up a savings account dedicated for your baby and start saving a certain amount from the day you find out about the baby's arrival. Later, any cash gifts you receive from friends and family can also be added to this fund. From healthcare and clothing to everyday essentials, this fund can be used to provide for all your baby's needs. This fund can grow along with your child and later be a financial support for their dreams.

Draft a monthly budget

Needless to say, your expenses will rise once you welcome the new addition to your family. Do plan ahead and create a realistic budget that involves an estimate of the additional expenses. If you feel sticking to it is going to be difficult, try and make adjustments until you finally come up with one that suits you best.

Get yourself insured

Don't find life insurance beneficial? Or didn't find the time? Now that there is another life is going to depend on you, it's all the more essential that you get yourself insured. Purchasing an adequate life cover will ensure that your child's financial future is safeguarded even when you're not around. Your life cover life insurance cover should be enough to defray your debts as well as meet your children's expenses until they are financially independent

Invest in their future

"Isn't it too early to think about investing?"

Starting early gives you ample time to grow your wealth and helps you achieve your financial goals sooner. It also gives you an edge, as investing a small amount over a large period can give you much better returns than investing a large amount over a small period. (Can mention a bit about power of compounding too) Moreover, by creating an investment plan well in advance, you can beat the effects of inflation.

If you're looking to buy a comprehensive plan that secures your child's future, Invest 4G is what you need. An online customisable plan that not only provides the dual benefits of insurance and investment but also a life cover with premium funding benefit so your child's dreams are always backed by our financial support.

The premium funding benefit includes:

  • Lump sum assured benefit is paid on death (sum assured subject to 105% of premium paid)
  • Remaining future premiums in the policy is funded by the company as and when due
  • Additionally fund value is paid on maturity

What truly makes Invest 4G a 4th gen ULIP is the fact that it comes with a suite of seven different funds to choose from, and four fund management options to manage your money. What's more, there are absolutely zero hidden charges. Boasting these incomparable features, Invest 4G is the one-stop solution you need to ensure a financially stable future for your child. With it you can rest assured that your child can look forward to a golden future.

"We all have certain aspirations for our family's security. But, most of us keep it to ourselves when it comes to securing the future of our loved ones. So, instead of skipping such conversations, it's time to share a promise with your loved one, a promise that will make your family secure and stress-free. Click here to know the worth of your promise now !

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