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How does a Monthly Income Plan Work?

dateKnowledge Centre Team dateJanuary 27, 2021 views123 Views
How to enroll in a monthly income plan for good returns?

In today's world, everybody seeks security and stability in life; to be financially secure and stable. To live the life of your dreams, you not just need financial backing but also a steady income for the future endeavours. As you grow in the journey of life, you might find yourself in a position where you are no longer financially independent or have a monthly income source. That's when retirement hits you; you are either dependent on your children or on your savings (if any) provided that you had planned it well.

Working individuals should understand the importance of saving money and investing when they still have a job and monthly pay. Yes, not just saving but also investing in good saving plans. As they say, "Don't work for money, let the money work for you." And that's exactly what you want when you retire. One of the best plans anyone can opt for is the "Monthly Income Plan", where you can expect fixed monthly income, over a very long period which can be up to 25yrs. Seems too good to be true!

What are the Types of Monthly Income Plan?

Essentially, there are two types of Monthly Income Plans:

a) Dividend Based Monthly Income Plan

These plans provide the investors monthly payouts made out of dividends. The dividends received by the investors are tax-free.

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b) Growth Based Monthly Income Plan

If you opt for this option, you'll not receive any monthly or periodic payments. When you redeem the units, you get paid along with the capitals. Although this Monthly Income Plan does not give you a steady inflow of monthly payout, it results in wealth creation.

Monthly Income Plan: How does it Work?

The investor or the policyholder pays the premium regularly as per the premium paying term. At the end of the term, if the investor survives, they get a regular monthly payout till the end of the policy tenure as mentioned in the policy (where the policy tenure is longer the premium payment term). When the policy tenure terminates, the investor gets some bonus, and with the payout of these bonuses, the Monthly Income Plan ends.

Reasons to Buy a Saving Plan with Guaranteed Income | Monthly Income Plan

Whereas, if the policyholder dies during the tenure, his/her nominee will be entitled to get the monthly payouts and the premiums paid by the investor until death. As usual, the tenure terminates giving bonuses to the nominee.

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Why should you Buy a Monthly Income Plan?

When we talk about savings, the majority of people think of term insurances. Term insurance plans never really gives you the stability you seek. Term Insurance only works in case of death or disability where the amount usually gets exhausted due to immediate expenses leaving little to no funds for the future.

Whereas a Monthly Income Plan is a debt-oriented mutual fund which enables the investors to receive monthly payouts. It is a mutual fund where the investment goes to the equity and debt market in a ratio of 20:80 or other similar proportions. This investment avenue guarantees monthly income after retirement with minimal risk designed to avail financial stability in your old days.

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Who should Buy a Monthly Income Plan?

Monthly Income Plans (MIP) are for risk-averse investors those who are willing to take the minimum risk possible. MIP's are best suited to retired persons or those who are soon going to retire and are willing to invest somewhere safe.

A Monthly Income Plan is for those who want to have a backup for their regular income or simply looking for a guaranteed monthly income after retirement.

How to Find the Best Monthly Income Plan that Guarantees Good Returns?

Not all Monthly Income plans (MIP) are the same. And with the market flooded with a plethora of MIPs to choose from it can be a little intimidating to pick one. The best monthly income plan will have the right combination of risk and returns suited to your needs and desires.

Given are our top picks to look for while deciding a Monthly Income Plan or MIP for yourself or your family members:

a) Financial Goals

Firstly, you need to figure out, why are you choosing the Monthly Income Plan for investment? Meaning what are your reasons for choosing so, or what are your expectations or needs that you need to fulfil via this plan. What is the duration in which you want to achieve it? Have these things clear inside your mind. This is the very first step to choose the right MIP.

b) Risk Appetite

Although MIPs are well-known for their minimal risk, usually 70% or more in the debt funds and rest in stock, there can be plans with varying proportions and risk. If you are not willing to take too much risk, you can invest in a scheme with an equity component of 10 per cent. For high-risk takers, they can go for an equity component of 25- 30% accordingly.

c) MIP's Performance

Before selecting any Monthly Income Plan, it is essential to check their past returns over several years. It would be best if you choose a life insurance plan that has shown promising growth and steady performance over the past years in the bull and bear phases.

d) Maturity Profile

Maturity profile is the term for which you will invest in the scheme till it matures and starts providing monthly returns. Please consider this point because bonds of longer tenure may involve bigger interest risks. And it also depends on you for how long you want to invest in the scheme.

e) Expense Proportion

The expense proportion or ratio is the amount charged by these funds to run your investment. The best plans for you could be those that have a low expense ratio. The plans with higher expense ratios will catch up on your returns.

Besides these, there are tons of other benefits and perks. Leave a legacy behind by choosing one of the most trusted plans out, the Smart Monthly Income Plan by Canara HSBC Life Insurance.

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