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ULIP Investments For Women and Single Mothers

ULIP Investments For Women and Single Mothers

Investment and insurance form the crux of the major decisions that have to be made by people at all times. What to insure and how much to insure are questions that occur to everybody as soon as they begin working, and investment is a whole different ball game altogether.

The importance of having a life insurance plan cannot be stressed enough, and if you are a single mother, its relevance is even higher. As a single mother, your entire life may be focused around decisions that will be the best for your children and will ensure their continued well-being even when you are no longer around.

While making investments or deciding on the best life insurance plan, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate your options, compare them and then select the one which gives the best returns or coverage. However, for many individuals, opting for both a life insurance plan and having considerable investments can prove too heavy a financial burden. In such scenarios, the advantages offered by Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are especially pertinent, since these instruments bring together the best of both insurance and investment.

The benefits offered by ULIPs is especially prominent in plans such as the Invest4G Plan, offered by Canara HSBC Life Insurance, which enable you to enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of investment options and maximum coverage for your life. With this plan, you can choose from between 7 different funds to invest in and 4 different portfolio strategies which you can utilise for your best gains.

There are several reasons why ULIPs are considered the best plan for women, and especially, for single mothers. Read on to learn about its benefits that make it the best plan.

  • For Savings: ULIPs are considered the best instrument for inculcating a habit of regular savings. While everybody knows that savings are necessary, it is not something that is frequently considered a priority by most people. However, by investing in a ULIP, you are ensuring that a certain portion of your income goes towards keeping the fund active and thereby you are saving for your long-term goals. ULIPs are usually available with a lock-in period, which ensures forced savings since you can’t withdraw those funds without incurring a charge.
  • For Building a Long-Term Corpus: ULIPs are the ideal instrument for those looking to build a substantial corpus over a period of time. ULIPs let you watch your funds grow over the years, and eventually build up into a significant amount over time. These can prove ideal when you require funds on an immediate basis, in case of any kind of emergency.
  • For Meeting Long-Term Goals: ULIPs are especially popular for their ability to facilitate people achieving their long-term goals. As a mother, if you want to save up for your child’s future education, a ULIP might prove exceedingly useful to you. Every parent wants to help their children fulfill their dreams, and a ULIP makes it very easy to do so if you start planning well in advance and begin investing while your child is still young. Invest in the Invest4G Plan, offered by Canara HSBC Life Insurance, and help your children achieve their dreams uncompromisingly. With flexibility to switch between 7 different funds and 4 investment options, this ULIP is ideal for generating high returns while also ensuring your risk profile stays low.
  • For Continued Well-Being and Security: A life insurance plan is sought after owing to the protection it offers to policyholders and their dependents. If you invest in a life insurance plan, you are ensuring that your dependents are well looked after even if you are no longer around. You can rest assured that regardless of your absence, they can continue following their dreams and living the life they have dreamed of. The beauty of the ULIP is that the premiums you pay are divided into funds that go towards boosting your insurance cover, while the rest are invested into instruments of your choice. While you can choose how much of the premium is allocated towards guaranteeing cover, the ULIP is the ideal instrument for ensuring your children are able to live the lives they have always dreamed of by following their most ambitious of goals.

ULIPs are the best way to invest towards the future of your children. With plans such as the Invest4G Plan, offered by Canara HSBC Life Insurance, you can easily invest across 7 different funds and 4 strategies which enable you to garner maximum returns while also keeping your coverage intact.

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