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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Insurer and Insured?

‘Insurer and insured’ are two primary terms of the legal contract of insurance. An insurer is an entity promising payment against covered losses, while an insured is the entity whose loss the insurance policy covers.

Any insurance policy is a legal contract between the insurer and the insured. However, in life insurance policies there can also be beneficiaries or nominees. For example, Rajat insures the goods in his warehouse against loss from fire by paying a premium to ABC General Insurance. Here Rajat is insured and ABC General is the insurer.

In case of a life insurance, the insurer will pay the benefit amount if the insured dies within the policy term. The insurer will pay the death benefit amount to the nominee.

Who is an Insurer?

An insurer is generally a company that promises to cover your financial losses due to the specific, unfortunate events listed in your insurance policy. The insurer will charge a sum as a premium for the promise of insurance. The premium acts as a consideration in the insurance contract and makes it legally binding.

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What do an Insurer do?

1. Assesses the risk of your proposed cover

An insurance contract covers your financial losses due to a specified risk. However, the risk varies for different proposers. The assessment of the possibility of the loss due to the covered risk is the job of the insurer. This is also called underwriting in insurance.

2. Background checks your information

It is the insurer’s responsibility to ensure that the accepted risk cover proposals meet all the required insurance principles. For example, you can buy insurance only on a car you own permanently or temporarily. Thus, the insurer is expected to verify all claims of ownership and title before accepting the insurance proposal.

3. Provides a quote based on the information

The insurer is expected to pool funds from a large number of proposers who might be exposed to the risk. The insurer is also responsible for distributing the funds to those contributors who incur the loss in the future.

Thus, the insurer must be fair and equitable when it comes to distributing the fund pool and charge a higher premium to those more likely to claim the funds. Thus, the insurer offers a quote as per the risk assessment of your proposal.

4. Gives detailed information about the policy

Insurance is a contract based on the principle of ‘utmost good faith.’ This means that both the insurer and the insured must provide truthful and relevant information to each other about each other.

While the proposer provides all relevant information about the risk and material at risk in the proposal form, the insurer publishes the detailed contract to the insured. The insured can also have a grace period for rejecting the contract.

5. Takes care of coverage and claims after you purchase the policy

A claim is the moment of truth for the insured and the responsibility of the insurer. The insurer must verify all the documents related to the claim and assess the extent of the loss. Once the loss value has been ascertained, the insurer must process the claim fast so as to relieve the grieving party of the financial burden.

Who is an Insured?

Insured is a person or legal entity whose financial losses are covered by the insurance policy. Under general and health insurance policies the insured is entitled to receive the benefit amount from the insurer for the covered financial loss. However, in the case of life insurance plans insured is only covered under the plan and the life cover benefit goes directly to the nominees.

Example of Insured

You can buy Mediclaim insurance for yourself, your spouse and your children as insured under the policy. You can also buy Mediclaim for parents who will be insured under the policy. In these policies, the benefit from the insurer passes directly to the affected insured. For instance, if one of the parents is hospitalized, Mediclaim will directly cover their cost of healthcare.

If you are the primary breadwinner of the family and buy a term insurance cover, you are the insured in the policy. You must choose a nominee in the policy to ensure that the benefits pass on to your family member. In the event of your early demise, your nominee(s) will receive the insurance benefit in the way you had selected at the time of purchase.

Steps you Need to Follow to Get Insured

Here are some steps you need to follow to get insured:

  • Research about various types of insurance
  • Contact an insurance provider
  • Fill an application form regarding your basic details
  • Undergo medical tests

The premium of your policy is determined based on the details you enter and your medical exam results. You have to pay premiums to stay insured.

Note that an insured doesn't need to be a policyholder. Thus, you can buy an insurance policy for others as well. For example, when you buy a life insurance policy for your wife, you will be the policyholder and your wife will be the insured.