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How to Create a Corpus of Rs 1 Crore Within 10 Years?

dateKnowledge Centre Team dateJuly 11, 2022 views113 Views
10 Crore Corpus | Building your Retirement Corpus

Asset allocation is the driving force behind return on any investment. Asset allocation depends on your risk appetite and your short and long-term financial goals. Equities are market-linked and come with a fair amount of risk. However, equities give superior returns over the long term. Assets that give lower but reasonably guaranteed returns are low in risk. Depending on your unique circumstances, you must choose asset classes that allow you to maximize the future value of your money.

How can you make Rs 1 crore in 10 years? This is a question which has become common among high flying Gen Z these days. High income at a young age when you have almost zero responsibilities, can make anyone ambitious. However, for the ambition to materialise you need an investment of time and money. Thus, you need to answer the ‘why’ questions before diving into ‘how’.

Here are a couple of scenarios:

1. Risk-Averse/Conservative:

If you think you have several financial obligations in the future, you may like to invest in safer instruments that have limited exposure to equity markets.

2. Very Aggressive/Wealth Creation Mode:

If you are young and have limited financial commitments, you must invest to create wealth. Wealth creation requires adequate exposure to equities and starting early will give you that much-needed head start.

Factors to Consider for Deciding your Investment Appetite

How much can you Invest to Make Rs.1 Crore?

There are other time-tested methods to build a corpus of a crore. You need some patience and a habit of regularly investing in your dream fund. There are two ways to do it depending on your circumstances.

i. Regular Investment:

You may follow the 15*15*15 rule. It says that an investment of Rs. 15,000 each month, for 15 years at an average interest rate of 15% per annum will get you a corpus of Rs. 1 Crore. Otherwise, you can invest Rs. 36,000 each month for 10 years at the same interest rate to reach the same dream corpus.

Alternatively, if you are investing in low-risk avenues at say, a 7% rate of interest, you must invest ~ Rs. 58,000 each month over 10 years to reach the same figure.

ii. Lumpsum Investment:

If you invest a lumpsum amount of ~Rs. 13 lakhs and stay invested for 15 years at a similar average rate of 15% per annum, you will reach your goal of Rs. 1 Crore. If 10 years is on your mind, about Rs. 25 lakhs is needed to reach 1 crore at the same 15% interest rate.

Again, if you are considering low-risk investments that yield an average of 7% per annum, you must invest about Rs.50 Lakhs and wait for 10 years to build your 1crore kitty.

Where to Invest?

There are several avenues to invest your hard-earned money and watch it grow. You must be clear on the time horizon that you want to stay invested so that you can pick up the right instrument. A few options basis recommended investment tenures are listed below:

1. Public Provident Fund [15 Years]

The current rate of interest is 7.1% and is a safe option if you want risk-free, stable returns in the medium-to-long term. You can open a PPF account at select bank branches and post offices. They have a minimum tenure of 15 years and can be extended in blocks of 5 years.

The amount deposited in PPF accounts is deductible, under Section 80C, from taxable income although partial withdrawals are permitted only from the 7th year onwards. A minimum annual deposit of Rs.500 is mandatory to keep the account active.

2. National Pension Scheme (NPS) [Up to 60]:

NPS is a voluntary pension scheme that helps you systematically build a corpus in the long run. Investments in NPS are deductible, under section 80C, from taxable income. The returns (both annuities as well as 40% lump sum), at maturity, are also exempt from taxes.

3. Life Insurance Plans [5 years+]:

The most robust and solid instrument if you are looking for a wholesome investment in the medium to long term. Use this if you are looking for inflation-beating returns, wealth creation, and financial protection for your family. Life insurance plans are the only investments that offer financial protection for your family besides tax benefits under section 80C.

Wealth Creation Plans from Canara HSBC Life Insurance

a) Unit Linked Insurance Plan: Invest 4G ULIP plan is a comprehensive plan that gives you the best of the world of equities clubbed with the safety and security provided by life insurance. . The amount paid as premiums are deductible, under section 80C, from taxable income whereas withdrawals are exempt, under section 10(10D), from tax.

b) Guaranteed Savings Plan: Guaranteed Savings Plan from Canara HSBC Life Insurance is a safe investment option. This plan offers guaranteed maturity benefits along with guaranteed bonus additions. The plan offers better ROI for longer investment tenure.

4. Mutual Funds [5 Years]:

Mutual funds are focused on specific industries or segments of companies and the choice of the fund depends on your risk appetite and targeted return. For guaranteed returns, you may look at mutual funds that invest in G-secs and bonds.

5. National Savings Certificate (NSC) [5 Years]:

NSC is offered by the Post Office and has an annual yield of 6.8% which is a tad higher than the current rate of interest for bank deposits. The lock-in period is 5 years.

ULIPs are comprehensive plans that come with a dual benefit of life cover plus return on investment. The investment can be allocated in your desired risk proportion to equity and debt. This allocation can also be changed frequently to suit your need and in sync with the market movement.

Moreover, ULIPs permit partial withdrawals after five years of investment. Amounts paid towards premium are deductible, from taxable income, under section 80C. Whereas, all pay-outs are exempt from tax under section 10(10D). These robust features make ULIP an ideal choice to invest your money and also protect your family.

Rs. 1 Crore is no longer a fancy amount given the rise in living costs and our ever-increasing aspiration to do better in life. While everyone may not be lucky to get a windfall gain of a crore, starting early and investing in the right proportion in equity and debt instruments can make the task much easier.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised to exercise their caution and not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature. Readers should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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