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Plan for your child's future

Give wings to your child’s dream by investing and saving for their future.

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Plan for your child's future

Plan for your child's future
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How does life insurance help you secure your child’s future?

Apart from good education, life insurance is a gift you can give to your child for a secured future. The specialized child insurance plans by Canara HSBC Life Insurance provide a long term, risk-averse solution to meet the needs of your child’s future, including inflated future costs of education. These plans have more benefits than just securing your child’s future, find out:

Cushion against financial disruptions A focused approach
When it comes to securing the future, the first step is creating a financial cushion that ascertains an income flow in the future. In case of an unfortunate event, your child’s education will be protected. With insurance policies and especially those for your child, the earlier you invest the better. While there is so much going on in life, saving for a goal is not always easy. However, with life insurance you can yield great benefits with little monthly investments into the wellbeing of your child’s future needs. Several plans also offer a waiver of premiums in the event of an eventuality.
Easier well-diversified portfolio Tax benefits of child plans
Our children’s and our own future depends on our financial and asset creation goals. Most plans designed for your children offer relief from the stress of planning for your child’s future, giving you the right direction to plan your savings corpus better. Did you know child plans offer tax benefits on both, the invested funds and the payouts received? This reduces the financial stress that comes from regular payments and you can reinvest this amount you save from tax, in your child’s favour.

How can you ensure maximize your returns with life insurance?

Besides providing a life cover, plans like Invest 4G can help you achieve your child’s goals with the help of unit-linked returns. All you got to do is choose the right funds. Here’s how –

How to ensure you save enough for your child’s future?

Identify the future needs Start as early as you can Have adequate insurance
When saving, the first step should identify is a rough range of finances that may be required basis your goal. Create a broad plan and keep space for miscellaneous expenses that may pop-up. Saving is a habit that must be inculcated as early as possible. Also, with the rising inflation and expenses, you need to start at an early stage, considering what will be the rise until your goal is achieved. While we hope everything ends well, there can be unwelcomed surprises by life. Plans with an added life insurance benefit can ensure your family receives your savings and can reap the long-term benefits of the plan.

Our top plans for your children's future



Flexibility to switch funds

Option for partial withdrawals

8 Investment funds and 4 portfolio management strategies

Loyalty additions and wealth booster

Smart Junior Plan


Guaranteed* lump sum payouts for child's education

Multiple policy term options

Addition of regular annual bonuses

Flexible premium payment terms

Tax benefits

Smart Future Income Plan


Life cover for 25 years

Guaranteed monthly income for 15 years

Loan flexibility to meet unexpected needs

Tax benefits under section 80C

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